Job Site Safety

Job Site Safety

Job site safety training is a must for anyone working on my team. We all know how to take care of ourselves and watch out for each other. I never want to see my employees get hurt. I blame myself for even the smallest injuries. Every year, there are far too many injuries and fatalities related to commercial equipment on job sites. The numbers are in the thousands. That’s why I take the safety of my team very seriously. The injuries people sustain on job sites aren’t often ones you can cure with a bandage and a pat on the back. Instead, they usually involve at least an ambulance ride.

I feel confident that my employees are well versed in safety measures. They understand the importance of following safety guidelines completely. Training is just one of the ways I keep my team out of danger as much as possible. Here are some tips to help you train your employees and keep them away from harm.

  1. Keeping crowding to a minimum.

Use the horn before moving the machine. Make sure they know it’s okay to take their time and stop the machine if they need to clear the area.

  1. Inform them which signs and tapes let them know where it is unsafe to dig.

Overhead obstructions and buried utilities are another cause for workplace accidents. It is important to find ways to let machine operators know where it is safe for them to go. Use barrier tapes to mark areas where drivers can’t safely access. Don’t forget to contact Dig Safe. They will help you know where underground barriers are. However, these aren’t always accurate. Make sure to allow space on either side and have your team dig by hand just to be safe.

  1. Heat-related illness.

I make sure my team is checking in with each other, especially when the temperatures rise. There is a lot that can go wrong when somebody is under stress from the heat. I use a portable air conditioner on every job site. Even if there isn’t a structure on-site, I supply an enclosed tent where the team can go to cool off. Be sure to supply them with plenty of water. I also supply sports drink mix to replace important electrolytes. This keeps my team working effectively, even in the oppressive heat.

  1. Climbing on and off large equipment.

This is the largest cause of workplace injuries. Make sure your team knows how to safely get on and off the equipment. Before they begin, make sure they are cleaning off their gloves and boots. Any dirt can cause them to lose traction. Second, you should always have three, strong points of contact with the machine (do I need to mention that these points of contact should be the ones designed for that use?).

If there aren’t handholds and steps, have a spotter to help them get on using a ladder. You may also need to supply your team with additional handholds or steps if their size doesn’t allow them to safely use the current setup. Make sure they never jump to exit!

I hope these job site safety tips help you keep your team from danger!