Time to Build Your Website! Top 4 Recommended Website Builders and Why

Time to Build Your Website! Top 4 Recommended Website Builders and Why

You are ready to go! You might be launching your business—a freelance service or an eCommerce store. You might have all your photos ready for your online portfolio. Maybe you just have plenty to say or plenty to share—from launching a blog to presenting your restaurant—a professional-looking website can help you meet your goals.

Top Four Website Builders Worth a Look

  1. Webnode: If you are new to building websites and don’t program, it doesn’t get much quicker and easier than Webnode! And this platform interfaces in CZ as well as 25 others! 
  1. WordPress: Most used! WordPress can handle any size website you need, offers over 50,000 plug-ins, and allows you to meet all your needs for functionality–if you can program and have the budget to get what you want.
  1. SquareSpace: Known for its clean, professional templates, SquareSpace is not as intuitive to use, but comes with lots of benefits, like no limit to storage or bandwidth and 24/7 support and live chat. However, it misses the mark for backup options and multilanguage website creation.
  1. Wix: Here is another super easy website builder with great templates and a unique Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) system that can streamline the design process for you. Wix has a great app market to boost functionality too, as well as a good multilingual tool.

What Do You Look For in a Website Builder? 

Of course, everyone is different, but these are the criteria we think you would like to know about when you are considering a website builder. 

  • Ease of use 
  • Template Quality, Selection, and Responsiveness
  • Language flexibility
  • Professional domain name and SEO
  • Reasonable price with package options
  • Support

Let’s see how these four website building platforms match up.

Webnode Has the Advantages!

We think you will agree that Webnode has many advantages, especially if you do not program and you do want language options. 

Simple to Use

  • Webnode utilizes drag and drop, meaning it is a bit like playing with building blocks.
  • You can easily browse templates from various categories that fit your needs, from templates designed for eCommerce or businesses to personal and portfolio. 
  • Want to trade out photographs? They provide a huge library of royalty-free photographs. 

Professional Templates, Fully Responsive

  • Webnode offers over 100 template choices. 
  • Templates are “responsive,” meaning they look great on any device—nothing cut-off or missing and easy to navigate on tablets and phones.
  • The templates are easy to search; you can choose from categories that are personal (like your wedding page), business (for profit or non-profit), and eCommerce-ready. 

Webnode Speaks Your Language!

What most website builders miss is that English may not be the only language you want to use. 

  • Webnode’s interface supports 26 languages, including CZ. You can read about it in the article Webové stránky: Nejlepší nástroje pro tvorbu webu, zdarma i placené.
  • A team of over 100 people from all over the world is ready to give you an answer in your own language, including CZ –no depending on Google translate! 
  • Two-language option with toggle between is available in the Standard Package for $12.90 USD/month; doubling your user base!
  • Webnode’s Profi Package does not limit your number of languages; it’s available for  $22.90 USD/month. 

Support is On Its Way

Intuitive design ensures that you will have few problems with website building on Webnode, but if you do, you have options!

  • The Knowledge Base is super easy to follow, hyperlinks from one concern to another, and even provides a growing number of video tutorials.
  • While no live chat is available (yet), Webnode responds quickly via email or phone five days a week.
  • Get help in your own language, including  CZ with Webnode’s diverse staff of over 100 members.

What is the Concern with a Professional Domain Name?

The deal is that no website builder gives you a professional-looking domain name for free. On the free version, the subdomain will be attached to your address. Your URL will look like this: HereIAm.webnode.com. 

Now there are situations where this is no big deal and free will work—classroom websites, projects, sharing with friends. But to look professional and have good SEO, you want your own domain name.

  • Webnode offers you your own domain name for as little as $3.90 USD/month with the Limited Plan.
  • The Mini Plan, at $7.50 USD/month offers a free domain for one year along with one email address and greater bandwidth and more storage. 
  • No Webnode ad on the Standard Package( $12.90 USD/month) or above.

Package Details

Here is another advantage–Webnode packages are clearly represented, easy to upgrade, and relatively inexpensive. 

  • Webnode for free gives you access to all the templates. Perfect for experimenting to see if it’s a good fit or for class projects.
  • Two eCommerce levels allow you to pick the best features for your store: Standard at $12.90/month or Profi at$ 22.90 USD/month. 
  • Standard and Profi come with Google Analytics and Google AdSense.
  • Profi level has the added perks of unlimited member registration, unlimited languages, and up to 100 email accounts. Here’s a great plan comparison chart for Webnode: https://us.webnode.com/pricing-w2/ .

Any Drawbacks with Webnode?

  • Deep customizations—like customizing to your specific brand color scheme—these require coding knowledge and you may require the help of a developer. 
  • Webnode isn’t the most popular platform, so you may have trouble finding an expert to help you. 

That isn’t to say that they aren’t growing in popularity; they have over 4 million users around the world. The fact that they have an interface that supports [enter your language here] as well as 25 other languages just can’t be minimized.

WordPress: Top in Popularity and Functionality Potential but Has Its Drawbacks

Tops in popularity, WordPress has over 80 million users, almost 40% of websites are powered by WordPress. There are two WordPress website options: WordPress.com is a fully-hosted version, and you will have your own website stored within WordPress, meaning, you will have an @wordpress.com address. 

The premier Open-Source Software: WordPress.org is the most customizable and versatile there is, free to anyone and providing numerous free templates and free app extensions and plug-ins—over 50,000! However, it is not for the average person. Why not? –because it uses Open Access Code.

Open Access Code: You have access to all the codes that run the website builder, giving you the ultimate in design freedom–if you know coding. It is estimated that an average person without tech training will need from a week to a month to be ready to complete a website of their own on WordPress. Many decide to just hire a developer to do it for them!

WPML Plug-in: You can purchase a multilingual plug-in (at various levels) that will help you create your website in different languages and switch between them. WPML allows you to translate yourself or, at the more expensive levels, use their translator. 

Cost is hard to calculate: Not everything you need is free; beyond the cost of hosting and your domain name, the more customizable templates as well as plug-ins you may need will cost. This cafeteria-style payment can end up being a very expensive option.

Our recommendation is that, for someone who wants to get a website up and running in a short amount of time with some design freedom but ease, WordPress would not be a good choice. 

SquareSpace: For a Wow Website!

SquareSpace is known for its artistically-designed templates, able to give you a top-notch, professional look. 

Expect Great Things!

  • Fully-responsive templates that are considered top of the line in the industry.
  • Not as easy to use or intuitive as the drag and drop website builders, but learnable and versatile once you get it.
  • Super support including live chat 24/7.
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth on all plans.
  • No ads on any plan.
  • SEO supported.
  • Interface available in 6 languages.

Important Drawbacks:

  • SquareSpace does not provide backup.
  • New version does not allow switching templates; you need to start over if you change your mind!
  • SquareSpace does not have a good multi language switch option; you need to create new pages in each language you want to add!

Packages are clearcut, and it is easy to upgrade. While there is no free plan, SquareSpace allows you a 14 day trial that can be extended. The packages range from the Personal at $12 USD/month to the Advanced Commerce at $40 USD/month, but they give discounts for paying annually and they run deeper discounts occasionally.

Wix Is Worth Considering!

Wix, like Webnode, is not a huge company but offers some wonderful features including some Artificial Intelligence help for designing!

Some Great Features of Wix:

  • Templates, templates and more templates! –Over 700 available, and all of the newer ones are fully responsive. Over 70 sub-categories to help you quickly find the best template for your needs.
  • ADI–Wix’s exclusive Artificial Design Intelligence is available if you want to use it to help you make quick design choices that fit your needs.
  • Large Wix app market with over 260 free or paid tools to boost your functionality, from booking and sign-up tools to live chat.
  • Easy and intuitive, drag and drop, no experience necessary.
  • Wix provides an extensive knowledge base available in various languages (translated using Google Translate) online. 
  • Multiple languages available, including CZ! With Wix, you do all translating manually, and switching toggles easily between languages so all function within the same domain.

Drawbacks to Consider:

  • Wix does not currently have a chat option, but you can put in a ticket and get a callback in English 7 days a week or one of 7 other languages 5 days a week.
  • The multi language option does not work with an ADI designed website.
  • You cannot switch templates after your site is published.

Wix offers the same ease of use as Webnode, though its packages are a bit more expensive. They do offer a free version, but to remove ads and have your own domain name, you must move to a personal plan at $14 USD/month and go up from there, with eCommerce plans beginning at $23 USD/month.

Where Can You Learn More?

If you are truly interested in learning more, we suggest you check out the site jaknawebovky.cz, there they go pretty deep into all the information you will need.

A Final Look

You have lots going on in your life. We think that making a website should be a streamlined process that gets you on the web quickly and in style. For language flexibility, quality design, and ease of use for a reasonable price, we think Webnode should meet your needs best, but take advantage of free levels and try them out for yourself!